More of Miss Ellie!

I’m sure Miss Ellie’s family will be happy to know that I’ve finally finished up with her photos!  I had fun editing them, and I’m excited to get them to her family.  Of course, before I do that I want to share a few more of my favorites here.  Ok, maybe more than a few, but she’s a cutie so can you blame me? 😉

This series is so darn adorable!  This girl was having so much fun playing peek-a-boo with her Papa!

I love shots like these…check out those lashes in the top photo and then those sweet cheeks in the bottom one.

And if this last one doesn’t make you smile then I don’t know what will!!

Elliot ~ 1 Year Session

I had the best time today photographing Miss Elliot who just turned one on May 27th!  This precious girl sure knows how to work the camera, and the proof is in all of the adorable photos I got of her. In fact, ever since my own babe went to sleep I have not been able to stop editing.  I keep telling myself that I will only do one more, but then I find another cute one and can’t resist.  I met Ellie when she was only 4 months old and since then it has been so much fun watching her grow and getting to know her and her wonderful family.  I still can’t believe she’s 1 already! SHEESH!  Where does the time go?

Miss Ellie was crawling all over the place today, and she did so great throughout the entire session.  I was impressed because modeling is no easy job, especially for a one year old.  This girl is a pro!

I just love this one and the fact that Ellie is grabbing her toes.  She certainly enjoys grabbing her little piggies, and it’s a good thing she didn’t have socks on because I can tell you for a fact that this one is quite skilled at getting socks off her feet.  I can’t blame her though as I never liked socks on my feet either. 🙂

Ellie and Dotty

Sweet hugs for Dotty

I also took a few photos of the whole family.  As you can see, they certainly made my job easy!

Such a sweet family!

Thanks Charlene, Brian, & Ellie for a fun afternoon!

Spring Photo Sessions

It finally feels like spring!  The flowers are blooming, the grass is green, and the days are getting warmer!  It’s the perfect time to schedule a photo session.


Family, maternity, engagement, wedding…whatever  you are looking for I know we can get some gorgeous springtime photos.

Let’s not forget our four-legged companions either! They are also part of the family.

For more information send me an email at, and we can get a date scheduled to preserve special memories for you and your family.

Joslyn ~ 9.5 Months

I finally got out and snapped some 9 month pictures of Joslyn today.  We went to my friend’s house and took some photos in her backyard.  It was a gorgeous day minus the wind, but luckily we had a bit of a wind break behind my friend’s house.  Joslyn had plenty of smiles for my friend, Julie, and it was so fun to see her giving away those smiles more freely today.  I am so happy with how these photos of my cutie turned out!

Yes, she did try to eat the flower, and I had to dig a petal out of her mouth! She wasn’t too happy about that, so we took a short photo break after that incident. 😉

This is one of my favorites.  Joslyn does the ‘o’ face all the time now,  and she likes to blow spit everywhere as she does it.  Love those little lips…kiss, kiss, kiss!

Eylar Family Continued

Could these boys be any cuter?  I had so much fun photographing them.

I had to include this one…boys will be boys!  Super Heroes, perhaps? 🙂

Thanks again Eylar Family!

Eylar Boys ~ Take 2

This past Sunday I was able to finish photographing the Eylar boys.  Our first attempt was thwarted by the cold weather, but this time the weather couldn’t have been better.  It was sunny and warm and these two little guys did great!  I just love their bright blue eyes and sweet smiles.

I got a couple of photos of the entire family but the main focus was the boys this time.  You can see where they get their good looks from. 😉  More to come soon…

Thanks Eylar family!  I had a great time with you on Sunday!

Joslyn ~ 8.5 months

My girl is 8 1/2 months old and getting very close to crawling!  YIKES!  I don’t think I’m ready for this.

It’s becoming quite challenging to get photos of her as she is constantly rolling around or looking around, but I’m sure this is nothing compared to what it will be like once she is actually crawling.   I’ll have to really jack up my shutter speed then. 😉

I am excited for the big crawling debut, but I’m also enjoying these last few days (yes, I think we are that close) of relative immobility. 😉

Matthew ~ 4.75 months

Oh, how I am gonna miss this little guy & his Momma!  They are moving next week and while we are excited for them to start a new adventure, we are very sad for us because we are losing wonderful neighbors and friends.  It has been so great getting to know them and so neat that Marilee and I have been able to go through all of this baby stuff together.

This little guy is less than a week shy of being 5 months old and he is changing so much everyday.  He almost rolled from back to front today as we were cheering him on.  No doubt he’ll have it in the next few days.  Although Joslyn and I won’t get to have our wonderful playdates, coffee dates, and walks with Matthew and Marilee (yes, they are playdates for the Mommas too…more for us at this point than them;), we are looking forward to keeping in touch and seeing Matthew grow.

Good luck on the  move Marilee, Matthew, Pete, and of course, Marley (their funny & cute dog). 🙂  But…we’re not ready to say goodbye just yet. Hopefully, we can squeeze in a couple more get togethers before you depart. 😉

Alley Cat

Joslyn, my muse, helped me scout out some photo locations the other day.  We walked around downtown and found some cute spots in the alleys of our tiny town.

Eylar Boys


Last weekend, I had the privilege of photographing the Eylar boys!  I photographed these little guys almost two years ago so it was fun to see how they had grown.  Although it was a super cold, windy day and we cut the session short, I was able to get a few sweet shots of these guys.  Can’t wait to get together again for some more photos and hopefully better weather. 🙂  If the weather doesn’t cooperate this time though, there’s a Plan B in place!

J was a trooper in the cold weather and he seemed to be perfectly comfortable in front of the camera. Check out that smile too…such a sweetheart.  😉

C played hard to get but this picture is evidence that he gave up a few smiles for me. 🙂

  I think these two could have careers as children’s clothing models…so handsome and always dressed super cute!

Looking forward to more photo time with these darling boys!